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Rental Criteria

Steps for Renting a Property.



Please note, this is the management companies’ current Rental Criteria; and nothing contained herein constitutes a guarantee or representation that all Tenants and Occupants currently residing at a property have met these requirements. There may be persons who began residing at a property prior to this Rental Criteria going into effect. Additionally, the ability to verify whether this Rental Criteria has been met is limited to the reliability of information received from applicants and outside qualification services used.


Applicants without a U.S. Social Security Number must provide the following:

Lease end date cannot extend past the document expiration date.


Credit History.

Credit reports will be obtained from each applicant, and all reports will be combined to determine rental qualification decisions. An expert statistical credit scoring system will be used to evaluate consumer credit. This information is compared to the credit trends of other consumers to predict how likely it is that an applicant will pay rent in a timely manner and fulfill all lease obligations. 

Rental History.

Negative responses received from current or previous landlords may result in application denial. Rental history may or may not be used to qualify an applicant.    

Criminal Background.

The management company will not further investigate any claim that there is an error on a background or credit check. It will be the applicant's sole responsibility to investigate and resolve any errors. 

City of Fort Collins Occupancy Limit.

Renter’s Insurance.